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The Value of Team Sports

The interplay of individuals on a sports team can provide players lifelong skills, such as how to interact with others and not be selfish. When one works with others on a team, he or she learns that when the team wins, everyone succeeds.

Why You Should Get Your Family Involved in Sports

Being active, making new friends, and finding a passion in the game was what it was all about amongst my friends. But it was more than that with respect to organized youth sports; it was also a family thing back then. It should be the same now.

The Health Benefits of Long-Distance Running

Defined as running nonstop for at least five miles, long-distance running is a physically and mentally taxing activity that can exhaust even the most experienced athletes. Those who are able to persevere, however, will reap the rewards of better health, which was my motivation this past year while training for the Chicago marathon.

What I Learned From Running My First Marathon

But the mental and physical challenge of running and especially long-distance running is something that I have truly come to love. Running to me is therapeutic and a great way to relieve the stress of my professional career.


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