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As experienced runners like myself can attest to, running is an acquired taste—something that becomes more enjoyable with time. Unfortunately, some individuals run a handful of times before deciding that it’s not for them. I faced the same struggles when I took up running later in my life.

That said, each and every person, from those who’ve never tried running to those who’ve tried it and been disappointed, has the ability to fall in love with running. The trick is to take advantage of some simple and straightforward tips that will maximize the activity’s personal appeal.

With cooler autumnal weather approaching the Midwest, now is as good a time as any to get outside and get started. To help as many individuals as possible enjoy running, let’s take a look at these useful tips.


Invest in Running Shoes

First and foremost, athletes must invest in running shoes. Unlike tennis shoes—or even other athletic shoes—running shoes are designed and crafted with comfort and protection in mind. Running puts a lot of pressure on the feet and knees, and it’s important that runners protect themselves and feel their best by wearing special-made shoes.

Aching feet make it harder to love running, but proper running shoes can allow runners to focus on the gorgeous sights and sounds that the form of exercise brings with it.


Run in New and Exciting Places

Speaking of the gorgeous sights and sounds offered by running, the ability to experience lively and exciting environments is a major positive. Often times, those who’ve tried running but not fallen in love with it have run on the track, on the treadmill, or in an enclosed space.

There’s nothing wrong with those types of running, but they don’t capture the magic of running in open, inviting, and appealing spots, passing by colorful trees and stepping on the crunchiest leaves. Whether one runs through a city, a park, a landscape, or some other outdoor setting, the witnessed sensations will be fantastic. What’s more, is that running is the only way to completely and totally enjoy these sensations; driving is too fast, and walking is too slow.


Start Short and Gradually Increase Distance

One can really come to embrace running by first embarking on a short jog—no more than a mile or so—and gradually building up to greater lengths. Not a few individuals miss out on running because they get tired and give up after an overly long and taxing initial journey. Similarly, it’s important to run slowly, to begin with.

Besides being easier on new runners’ bodies, modest running schedules afford athletes a greater opportunity to soak in all that the sport has to offer.

The physical and mental advantages of running cannot be understated, and there’s never been a better time than today to see what all the hype is about. Falling in love with running might seem improbable at the outset, but as the old saying goes, “A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.”