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As experienced runners can attest to, excellent running technique is a must for those who wish to get the most out of their workouts and feel their best; it’s a means of boosting one’s conditioning and preventing the joints and bones from sustaining damage.


To illustrate the point and inspire as many athletes as possible to invest time and effort into mastering the basic tenets of running, let’s take a look at why technique is so important.


Technique Prevents Injuries 

Running with improper technique puts additional strain on certain joints and parts of the body, and over time, these repetitive blows can cause serious—and seriously painful—injuries.

Studies have proven that slightly longer strides benefit the feet, calves, knees, and hips, amongst other joints and body parts. Moreover, professional long-distance runners’ feet hit the ground 180 to 184 times per minute; don’t be afraid to keep track of steps per minute so as to compare the results to those of expert runners.

In short, it’s hard to argue against a simple, effective means of preventing injuries.


Technique Increases One’s Pace

In addition to minimizing cumulative strain and reducing the prevalence and severity of injuries, proper running technique increases one’s pace. The bottom line is that longer strides correspond with quicker and more beneficial exercise, causing many runners—especially those who’ve long struggled to run a faster mile— to be pleasantly surprised to learn that a small pace and style adjustment could bring with it such tremendous results.


Technique Translates to Other Sports 

Proper running technique also translates into enhanced performances in the vast majority of other sports. Whether a runner plays in a league or occasionally meets with friends to enjoy a sport, the perks of getting better at running’s fundamentals make for improved overall performances in athletics.

Be aware that friends and fellow players might ask about the source of your improved playing! And if they do, don’t hesitate to let them in on the secret; they’ll be thankful for the invaluable assistance.


There’s never been a better time than today for all runners, from novices to veterans, to brush up on optimal technique. Simply put, the advantages of doing so are too great to miss out on.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to safe and efficient running!